A superluminescent diode (SLED or SLD) is an edge-emitting semiconductor light source based on super luminescence. It combines the high power and brightness of laser diodes with the low coherence of conventional light-emitting diodes. DenseLight has been designing and fabricating SLEDs in our fab, in the 1200 to 1700nm wavelength range, we have the highest power & widest bandwidth devices in the industry.

Recognizing the need for SLEDs with Low Degree of Polarization for the FOG and FBGL sensing markets, DenseLight has now developed a range of devices to
meet the demanding specifications of these markets.

Product Offering

Product Code
Center Wavelength
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DL-CS30014C-LDP 1310 nm 1.2 dB 0.5 mW 35 nm 0.2 d 100 mA 8 pin BTF
DL-CS31084C-LDP 1310 nm 1.2 dB 0.85 mW 34 nm 0.2 dB 100 mA 8 pin BTF
DL-CS3184C-LDP 1310 nm 1.2 dB 8 mW 35 nm 0.2 dB 350 mA 8 pin BTF

Features & Performance:

  • PER Max of 1.2dB
  • Low current option of 100mA availble
  • Both COS & 8 pin BTF versions available



  • FBGL Sensing
  • Fiber Optics Gyro





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