DenseLight BF10

The DenseLight BF10 is a series of ultra narrow linewidth laser designed for applications in optical metrology & instrumentation and optical gas & chemical sensing, requiring narrow spectral linewidth, excellent SMSR, power stability, and a very highly wavelength stable laser output. BF10 is complete with a DenseLight 14-pin BTF package laser, integrated laser driver and temperature controller. It is available over a wide wavelength range across the O, E, S, C and L bands, and can be customized with various options to meet your specific needs. The DL-BF10 series comes with 2 direct modulation inputs (analog input: BW 20MHz & digital input: BW200MHz).


高性能系列 – BF9C系列

系列 – 单频窄线宽激光器

DL-BF9C产品系列使用Denselight的专有14针蝶形包装制造工艺,实现外腔的改进性能激光为每个性能提供高,稳定性线宽,低RIN <-155 dB / hz&low相位噪声性能。

该系列具有窄线宽<50kHz,&<200 kHz。最低输出功率为10 mW。ILM适用于嵌入式设计或独立在广泛的通信和传感应用中使用。使用该系列时,光纤系统将以高性能运行


Product Offering

Product Code
Product Type
Peak Wavelength
Min Power
Operating Condition
Typical Spectrum Linewidth
Datasheet Enquiry Cart
DL-BF9C-CLS101B-FP-S1550-LW200 BF9C 1550 nm 10 mW CW <200 kHz 45 dB
DL-BF10-CLS101B-FP BF10 1550 nm 10 mW CW <100 kHz >30 dB

For other wavelengths or higher power, please contact us for more information.

Features & Performance:



  • Ultra-Narrow Linewidth < 50Khz & < 200Khz options.
  • Excellent RIN < -155 dB/Hz
  • High Frequency stability within ±1pm after 15 minutes warm-up
  • Excellent Typical SMSR
  • Typical PER > 18dB (For PMF Option)
  • CW > 10mW
  • Mode-Hop-Free over 0°C to 50°C
  • Integrated optical isolator, Proprietary Laser Driver and temperature controller
  • Over-temperature protection and internal PCB temperature monitor



尺寸:                 L120 x W93 x H36.5 mm

外壳:                 金属盒

冷却:                 空气冷却

光输出:             插座

连接器类型:     FC/APC

电子接口:          8针接线端子

电源:                 5V DC



  • 分布式温度传感(B-OTDR的DTS)
  • 气/化学(例如甲烷)感测和湿度检测
  • LiDAR光纤激光器种子
  • 带外的实时OTDR
  • 微波通过Beate-Note信号产生



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